Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Eve is coming soon, now you dear old college professors...

Now that school is finally coming to an end we have a second that we should probably spend studying for finals but....won't.   A lot has happened since our last blog.  On Halloween night Josh and I went with friends up to the Off Broadway Theater in Salt Lake to see one of their spoof plays called Dracula vs. The Hunchback.  And of course, as it was Halloween, I wanted to dress up and through my amazing persuasion powers convinced Josh to dress up with me.  It seemed my convincing paid off because when we went dressed as zombies in full make up we ended up winning season tickets to the 2009 Off Broadway Theater season.  We can't wait to go.  
Thanksgiving was fun, we had two dinners which Josh compared to being on a mission (lots of food, very little time).  It was a blast being with family and taking time off school.  It really gave us a taste of what we have coming for Christmas break.
The weekend of Thanksgiving we had a chance to go see Coldplay live at the Energy Solutions Arena with my family.  Coldplay has been one of Josh's favorite bands for quite a while now and after spending days calling in to radio stations to win tickets we'd found out my mom had already gotten tickets for everbody.  Here's some pictures from the concert:

Final screen shot

Confetti butterflies during Lovers In Japan

Chris just being cool

Close up projected on a screen (Cemeteries in London)

Chris Martin (Lead Singer of Coldplay)

The Band

My wonderful ticket buying parents

My mom thought it would be funny to jump in the picture

We're so cute while we wait for music

In the beginning of December, we celebrated Josh's birthday by going up to the Clark planetarium to feed Josh's space geekiness by watching a show in the dome theater called Black Holes.  I also got him a model rocket, which he thought was just the coolest thing ever (besides getting married). He told me that, I'm not just assuming.
Christmas is coming now and we're real excited to end the semester and start relaxing.  Last year at this time we were just moving into our townhome and didn't have time to decorate or get ready for christmas, so this year we started early.  The day after Thanksgiving we set up our tree and we've been listening to Christmas music since.  
As for right now, I have my last two finals on Monday and Josh will be done by Friday with his four.  He's so smart, he'll do great!  
Merry Early Christmas and good luck to everyone else with finals! 

Monday, October 27, 2008

Our first Halloween adventure of the season!

Josh and I decided that we weren't going to put if off any longer, tonight was the night we were going to carve pumpkins.  We were inspired by a Food Network Challenge where professional pumpkin carvers (I know, we were surprised it was a profession too!) came and did some crazy things! Now ours may not have turned out quite like the ones on t.v. but we'd like to think we came pretty close! Hahaha! Here's some pictures from our little excursion:

Our scary Halloween faces!
Josh's frightened jack-o-lantern
Mine really is a goofy Frankenstein you just cant see the bolts on the side of the face! They kinda looks like ears! :)
So cute together!
Even cuter together!

Kissin and Carvin!

"Yeah I made this"

Halloween is so scary!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Color, Cold, and Conference

So we figured it was time to pull our heads out of our textbooks long enough to update our blog!  With school and work dominating most of our days we don't have to much to report but a few things have been going on!
First little change: I got my hair dyed. If you have known me in the past 3 years, even in passing, you know that I commonly get bored with my hair and like to change it up. This time I went with red, again. Now if you saw me last time I tried going red you must be thinking "oh no! Not again!" but rest assured there was no grocery store box color used this time and so instead of bright red, something akin to The Little Mermaid, its a nice darkish brown red and Josh likes it which is pretty much the deciding factor for me! (On a side note if anybody has any tips on how to make hair color last longer and not fade I'd love to hear it!)Who knows in a few months I may try blue! (Josh says "ya right")
Second (well its not so much a change just a commentary) thing: We loved General Conference! It is a bit after the fact to be blogging on it, but we really enjoyed having the time to be together and focus on the things that really should be focused on. We spent all day Sunday cuddled up in our Pj's and blankets and listened and talked about what we had heard. One of the best weekends we've ever had! The only slight damper was when we went to make sugar cookies that evening! Josh and I kinda did some tag team cooking. (not recommended) In other words while we both had other things we were working on one person would go add a few ingredients and then come back to their project and then the next person would get up and add the next thing needed. Well in the end we ended up with a cup more flour than called for, some vain attempts at adding bits of other ingredients to balance things out, and some not very good cookies! 
The third and last thing: We are mourning fall! My favorite season by far is fall and it was really shaping up to be a nice one. Sadly our beautiful fall was brutally interrupted by snow!! Now I shouldn't have been that shocked by the weather change, it is mid October after all, but the cold front definitely took us by surprise! Though we regret seeing this season leaving there are somethings we are looking forward to with winter: building snowmen, hot cocoa, Christmas, and learning to snowboard if time allows! 
Thats about all going on with us, so with a groan we shall return to our textbooks and hope that we'll survive the semester!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Take the old VW and you and me we could go for a spin!

Today I almost died. Its true! I was driving along I-15, heading to a class at UVU,minding my own business when my tire (the rear right tire to be exact) decided to blow! 
Now if you can imagine, traveling at 70+ (usually lots of + the way I drive, haha) miles and hour and having a tire go flat doesn't exactly create an environment in which you'd want to throw a party. Thank goodness though it just made my car shake and not swerve! (ya I didn't really feel like smashing into a freeway full of cars today) So I was able to safely pull off to the side of he road and then call my sweet husband. Well he came right over and fixed the tire like a pro!  The picture here below is him running up to save my day! (which he did!!) 
In the end all was fixed so my car was drivable again, and I was even able to make it to class relatively on time! Thus concludes my near death (kinda) experience today!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You...

UVU presents: Biology,English, and Fitness for Life starring the lovely Katie Winn!!! BYU is now showing their hit film Too Much Homework with the brilliant Joshua Winn!! 

Ok as you can tell we've started school and we are really trying to keep a positive attitude about it! Its really not that bad, especially for me (Katie) because I've been taking a break from school since January, so I'm actually having fun being back in a learning atmosphere! 
On a more interesting note (or at least more interesting for us), at the tail end of August, Josh and I decided to carpe the crap out of the last few diems of our summer! To do that we headed down to Tuacahn, a beautiful theater set quite literally against the red rock splendor of southern Utah! We got to go see Les Miserables and enjoyed it immensely! Talk about awesome: good music, great scenery, and even a friendly face! Alex DeBirk from our high school days was down there performing with his oh so talented wife! After the show as our excitement started to fade, and our eyelids began to droop, we realized we still had to drive all the way back! Now for those of you who haven't been to Tuacahn, first of all we recommend it, Secondly its about 4 hours away from our cute little condo in Pleasant Grove! (Another word to those who haven't been to Tuacahn-"Stay in a Hotel!!") To make a long story short we made it home at 6:30 the next morning with many driver switches and a two hour nap in a gas station parking lot. Over all we felt it was a fun way to end the summer and we'd do it again!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh Those Summer Nights!

With summer coming to a close and school responsibilities weighing on our shoulders, we decided we should probably stop procrastinating and finally get around to doing the "blog" thing that is o so popular these days.
This summer went fast. We started with a bang, officially inducting Josh into the hall of "i've been to disneyland-ers." The trip was amazing minus the constant need for medication. The week before we left Katie got bronchitis from Sam who got it from David who gave it to Tim and eventually passed it to Josh, who took it to the next level. Double pneumonia baby. Woot. The trip was awesome though, we covered the whole park in two days and then moved on to Universal Studios. Josh's favorite ride - Space Mountain. Katie's favorite - Haunted Mansion.
Next trip was a short run to Topaz Mountain. First camping trip of the marriage. We struck it rich when we went rock hounding. Tons of diamonds...well, not really. More like clear topaz.
All this was followed by two trips to Seattle, heaven on earth. The weather was perfect, the lake was pristine. Definitely cannot describe how relaxing it was. And we won't mention how much we ate.
All of this is was interspersed with swimming, parties, and enjoying still being newly weds. In short we are sad to see summer go, but alas the school bell tolls. Josh to BYU, Katie to UVU.